Edward E. Schaniel 


Ed Schaniel began his career in Production Operations at the Boeing Company (then McDonnell Douglas) after serving in the Unites States Air Force. Ed led the cultural transformation of Boeing’s C17 Program team in Long Beach. The goal was to transition the existing team and environment and implement a high performing team-based culture. Ed’s innovative methods of leadership and his approach to team dynamics and inclusive meritocracy allowed the C17 team to smoothly transition. As a significant result, the C17 team was awarded the National Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award in 1994. Ed and his team were described at the time by U.S President Bill Clinton as a “National Treasure.” Ed is an innovative futurist that has developed and executed state of the art models, processes and integrated systems that have proven results.

Ed is a recognized leader in Employee Involvement and he dramatically enhances individual and team performances respectively. Ed’s principles of empowerment include engaging the hearts, minds and souls of team members while creating an environment conducive for peak performance. He then links these principles to business imperatives while still driving towards profound results. “The magic is in the people” is Ed’s signature wisdom, which is still a staple embedded in the language of Boeing Company Culture.

Ed's state of the art teaming techniques transcend far beyond the Aerospace arena. His models and tools, are benchmarks throughout manufacturing, health care, pharmaceuticals, government, defense, automotive, transportation industries.

​​Ed Schaniel & Associates has implemented programs within some of the largest companies in America. General Electric Aviation, General Motors, American Airlines, Lear Corporation, Nexteer Automotive, Sukhoi, Sikorsky, Oliver Wyman, California Department of Transportation, & Pepperdine, Purdue & North Texas Universities are among the list of organizations that rely on the coaching and expertise provided by Ed Schaniel & Associates. Ed Schaniel & Associates strives for excellence and is always looking to update and create new programs.

​As a graduate of Pepperdine University Ed is a champion for higher education and he enjoys youth mentoring, baseball, golf, and reading. Ed takes great pride in his civic service duties and serves a sponsor, advisor and/or member of several academic and community groups: University of North Texas, Texas A&M, Clemson University, University of Tennessee, Pepperdine University, Phillips Graduate Institute